NOTE FROM EDITOR: opinions are like assholes...everyone has them and we want to see them. the opinions, that is. unless you would also like to show us your asshole and then we are completely amenable to that option as well. however, in this new series, the curator, Steve Yancey, has asked people to share their experiences with nude art. whether it be someone's first shoot or their hundredth or if it was their own experience or a loved one, we believe that the only way to normalize body image is to get that discussion going. if you would like to contribute your own experience which will be posted ANONYMOUSLY, please email your words of any length to: tothemoon@geminijunemoon.com. 

NOTE FROM CURATOR (STEVE YANCEY): For the last several years I have been doing private boudoir and nude photoshoots for people that are not “models” and most of the time I could tell how nervous and scared they were to bare themselves in front of the camera and photographer. The reasons are varied but the emotions usually the same. To be able to observe a person go from being reserved and cautious to open and empowered during the shoot has always given me joy. I could only hypothesize about the emotions going through the subjects mind so I recently asked people that I have worked with to share the experience with me, below is what they had to say.

TFP #1

To do a " nude" photo shoot , was one of the best things I did.  This helped me get so much self confidence.

Months ago, the thought of posing naked, nude, in front of a camera was the hardest and scariest thing to do.  All these things are going through your mind, do I look good enough, can I do this.... and someone else is gonna c u naked.

The nerves are very much the hardest thing to get over. 

But as u are doing the shoot, u have to know that what u r doing is fun, it's art, and that nude is not a bad thing.

To have a photographer , that knows what he/ she is doing is key, they help relax u , and make it fun.

The end result of these pics are amazing, and show each person just how beautiful, and amazing you are.

From my first shoot, pics, to my most recent pics..... what a difference..   my confidence level is higher, I know what I am doing is ok, and naked/ nude  is not a bad thing.  I enjoy myself and have fun doing it.

I would recommend that everyone do this....

you have more confidence and learn to love yourself for you.