Have you seen HiM?  

HiM Promotions brings HiM:Man to Niagara Falls and a new Toronto venue in July

Toronto (June 30, 2015) - HiM Promotions are proud to present HiM:MAN not once, but TWICE in July! HiM Promotions will literally be taking their show on the road, bringing HiM:MAN to Niagara Falls on July 10, before they bring the sexy back to Toronto on July 18.   

The men of HiM have been keeping busy since their appearance at Uniun Nightclub on Victoria Day weekend. In June, the men of HiM were chosen as the real life representation of movie muscle to promote the July 1 release of Magic Mike XXL, the sexy sequel to the film that actually inspired the creation of HiM. As part of this campaign, the men of HiM appeared on Breakfast Television, CP24, Global Morning Show and the Social, surprising and delighting audiences and show hosts with their Tatum-esque talent. HiM then brought a taste of Magic Mike to Toronto’s Pride festivities, performing not once, not twice, but FIVE times on the coveted Bud Light Burlesque A-Go-Go stage. And if that wasn’t enough, the handsome HiMs even surprised a group of movie going ladies attending a private screening of the film with their own private Magic Mike XXL style show. At every one of these appearances the HiM Men did what they do best: dazzle ladies with their swagger, smooth dance moves and sweet dispositions.
"It's a huge thrill to be a part of the promotion of Magic Mike XXL. We want to make Channing proud of our HiM men and what we brought to help promote Magic Mike XXL here in Toronto!, " said HiM Promotions founder Chris Cecile.
On July 10, HiM:Man will take over Seven Nightclub at 8:00 p.m., one of Niagara’s premiere nightlife destinations. Seven Nightclub is already known for its legendary ladies’ nights, and now they are upping the ante with HiM. Presenting the same sexy show that was already a hit in Toronto, the ladies of Niagara Falls will get a taste of what the six is already loving, complete with photo opps and mixing and mingling with HiM’s performers and models.

But HiM will never leave its loving Toronto audience wanting, which is exactly why just a week later, HiM:MAN will resume its Toronto run at Cube Nightclub. Part elegant cocktail lounge, part divine nightclub and boasting one of the best rooftop patios in the city, Cube provides the perfect environment for HiM to evolve their ultimate ladies night out. As with our Uniun shows, the night will  be presented in partnership with Ink Entertainment, Toronto’s foremost entertainment company.  Guests will not only be treated to a fantastic show, but will also have the chance to be pampered before in the Beauty Lounge. Hair, makeup and other beauty services will be available to help ladies look and feel their best before they enjoy their fun and sexy night out.
HiM:Man was choreographed by the incredibly talented Ryan Scheel, whose credits include the MMVAs and dancing in performances with Mia Martina, Madonna and Psy. HiM:Man has an irresistible soundtrack, a higher tease factor and a hotter than ever cast, including parkour experts, stuntmen, football hunks and martial artists. 
Women of Toronto (and now NIAGARA FALLS!) don’t have to travel to Las Vegas to see a spectacular Male Revue, now that they have HiM.

Get your tickets NOW at www.HiMPROMOTIONS.com

About HiM Promotions (IG: @HiMPROMOTIONS)
HiM Promotions is a talent, entertainment and promotions company operating in Toronto, Canada.  Our services include a model roster for events and photo shoots, as well as live entertainment for events and exclusive HiM performances. We recruit talented and skilled performers and models in order to create the ultimate, unforgettable “ladies’ night” experience that every woman craves and deserves.
About Ink Entertainment (IG: @inkentertainment)
INK Entertainment is Canada's leading lifestyle and entertainment company. Operating since 1982, INK Entertainment has demonstrated an enviable ability to read the pulse of ever-changing cultural times and tastes, responding with a host of successful enterprises, including the Parisian-themed Bistro La Société (Toronto and Montreal), the deejay-headlined VELD Music Festival and a number of trendy nightclubs, including Uniun, Product, CUBE, Dragonfly, the Guvernment and Koolhaus Entertainment Complex, and Tattoo Queen West.
About Seven Nightclub Niagara
Shining through the world famous Niagara Falls landscape, Club Se7en is a luxurious, upscale haven catering to a sophisticated clientel. Located at the intersection of Fallsview Blvd. and Robinson St., Se7en is the pinnacle of nightlife in Niagara. Showcasing a brick and beam loft style space housed in a warehouse dating back to the 1920's, Club Se7en brings a raw, industrial, New York feel to Niagara Falls. Boasting spacious 20ft high ceilings surrounded by authentic exposed brick and huge, picturesque windows, the ambiance


it's thursday...blah, blah, blah...i was feeling uninspired until i checked one of my favorite instagram pages...@sebastienfougere (a past MCM)...and he had posted an awesome image (click HERE) that inspired this image...thanks for the hand-me-down inspiration @sebastienfougere

shoutout to local t-shirt designer, Ty Young, and his flagship 'Leave Your Mark' Enk'd shirt that i'm sporting in the pic...see more HERE


by Paolo Meneghetti


an aesthetics review of an image by Elfie Semotan

Italian actress, Alba Rohrwacher, photographed by Elfie Semotan

According to philosopher Mario Perniola, a fetish does not refer anything, but only to itself. The abstraction of its symbolic meaning remains penned to the level of a mere thing (in the materiality). A fetish is never idealistic. It expresses to us the perfection of a “mere artifice”, happening in a way certainly not full of aestheticism. In fact every thing can become a fetish: a hair, a shoe, a dress, a mask etc… That’s an idol which paradoxically we desire while we “despise” it (denying its “spiritualistic” aestheticism into a model). Alba Rohrwacher poses on a bed, with half-face bust and legs raised “as blades” (that are triangulated as if they have to ensue each other). The white sole of shoe emerges. That is imagined by us in the possibility to be undone, like the typical bra. Often a fetishist like the shoes (even if these have a very high heel). These here would virtually start a “striptease” of the actress. Our look would end in the “turbine” of desire, while the triangulation of legs substitutes the female groin. Is interesting that the wall on the background is amply framed. Through its numerous “striping”, that seems able to “rain”, drenching the body of Alba Rohrwacher. That’s an aesthetics detail already dear to pictures of Francis Bacon. In fact, he used to paint the human body inside a sort of platform. In her photography, Alba Rohrwacher is put to bed. The rainy perception of the wall will confirm the materialism of a fetish, between the soles… “as bra” to be undone.There is no one ascent (idealistically). Over the thighs, the skirt ends with a decoration which seems to many people almost… “carny” (masking a sort of face with a grimace). That’s another concession to the fetishism, maybe.


Per il filosofo Mario Perniola, un feticcio non rinvia a nulla, bensì unicamente a se stesso. L’astrazione del suo significato simbolico resta confinata al livello della mera cosa (nella materialità). Il feticcio non è mai idealistico. Esso ci esprime la perfezione del “mero artificio”, ponendosi in via tutt’altro che estetizzante. Ogni cosa può diventare un feticcio: un capello, una scarpa, un abito, una maschera ecc… E’ l’idolo che paradossalmente si desideri nel suo “disprezzarlo” (negandone l’estetismo “spiritualizzante” del modello). Alba Rohrwacher posa sopra un letto, col busto di profilo e le gambe alzate “a pale” (triangolandosi come a succedersi). Emerge la suola bianca delle scarpe. Immaginiamo che quella si possa slacciare, come il classico reggiseno. Spesso le scarpe “piacciono” al feticista (magari avendo un tacco molto alto). Qui esse avvierebbero virtualmente lo “spogliarello” dell’attrice. Il nostro sguardo finirebbe nella “turbina” del desiderio, con la triangolazione fra le gambe a sostituire l’inguine femminile. E’ interessante che s’inquadri ampiamente la parete, sullo sfondo. Con le sue numerose “striature”, sembra che quella possa “piovere”, bagnando il corpo di Alba Rohrwacher. E’ un dettaglio estetico già caro ai dipinti di Francis Bacon. Del resto, egli soleva dipingere il corpo umano entro una sorta di pedana. Nella sua fotografia, Alba Rohrwacher è coricata sul letto. La percezionepiovosa del muro confermerà il materialismo del feticcio, fra le suole... “a reggiseno” da slacciare. Non c’è alcuna ascesa (idealisticamente). Sopra le cosce, la gonna termina con una decorazione che a molti sembrerebbe quasi… “carnevalesca” (mascherando una sorta di viso con la linguaccia). E’ un’altra concessione al feticismo, forse.


M. PERNIOLA, Il sex appeal dell’inorganico, Einaudi, Torino 1994, pp. 67-81

#TOTHEMOON: Happy 'spend a lot of money on margaritas' Day

drink heavily, don't drive...or forget the limes...

today, i hit up El Bronco on Cherokee St. for an beef tongue burrito lunch special which i had to put in a nice little to-go box, because the chips and salsa filled me up. after work, i plan on reconnecting with a long lost magical firecracker at Lucky Buddha, a new pan-asian joint with killer spring rolls and an awesome dog-friendly patio at 3701 S Jefferson, to hit up their $2 Taco Tuesdays! come say hello!


by June Ann D'Angelo

yes, there's nothing that gets my motor going like #freepeople and Friday when i was perusing the mall with my girlfriend Stacey, i stumbled upon this amazing wall at the Galleria that had the free people logo splattered across it... i knew the boho gods answered prayers, so in exchange I created a little offering. when i was out on my shoot at Elephant Rocks with Steve Yancey, I had packed all my stuff in this free people bag that i was given back when i shopped at the UES store when i lived in Manhattan. so, i told Steve about the store opening and said let's get some kind of fun image and this is what we came up with... (hair by the amazing Kristen Parks, of course)

p: steve yancey    m: june ann d'angelo     h: kristen parks

p: steve yancey    m: june ann d'angelo     h: kristen parks

#TOTHEMOON: redefining the 'custom' experience with Meero Mani Nails

by June Ann D'Angelo

redefining the 'custom' experience with Meero Mani Nails

so when you have one of the leading internationally published glamour photographers in the world coming to your city and you setup a shoot with them, you obviously bust ass to make sure that set is going to be as brilliant as ever... this is exactly what i faced when photog Michael Abrams came to visit St. Louis so I had a good few weeks to come up with 2 concepts and scrounge together everything needed for the sets and styling.

for any good shoot, details are everything... you really need that extra pop... so, i remembered back to some events where I had spoke with Marsha from Meero Mani Nails about these awesome custom press-on sets that she can create for easy on and off without ruining your existing nail bed, which is exactly what i (or any model) needs for photo shoots. this way you are not stuck to a tacky french manicure that some photog required for a paid shoot. 

i knew that Marsha did custom orders, but i just did not realize how 'custom' the experience would be... before i knew it, i was sending her pics of one of the outfits along with my ideas for the custom set and she instantly sent me back sample nail colors for me to choose from. then, once, we had it narrowed down, she actually sent me the brand and color and suggested that i look these up on google images to see the same color photographed in different lighting. i thought this was absolutely brilliant. what we settled on was absolutely gorgeous and i can't wait to get this set published and share with you...

for any model or creative team that is going into a shoot, they should really think about using this custom nail option to really elevate the shoot. they are incredibly affordable and you can always take them off and keep them for the next amazing outfit that they match! 

for more info and to check out all the fun styles that Meero has made, check out their facebook page by clicking HERE or emailing Marsha at meeromaninails@gmail.com


here are the outfit choices that i had sent over to Marsha...

i had told her that i definitely wanted to do a color like a nude-pink and she suggested some gold lace detail to match the wardrobe...to pick the color she sent me these choices that i then looked up on the internet to see the colors in different lights...

and then here is what we ended up with... i absolutely love the custom gold lace detail on the two fingers that Marsha had added to match the wardrobe...

these nails went on so super easy. there are these little pads and you pull one part of the sticker off and put it on the nail and then pull the other side off and press that on to your finger... these nails were so easy to put on that i couldn't help but smile to see the entire look come together. 

here's a selfie I took the day of the shoot and a bts below that...

#TOTHEMOON: love is spelled S-H-O-P-E

everyone at the moon would like to wish our very own lead makeup artist and overall awesome person, Miss Mary Margaret now-Shope, a huge congrats on getting married. she is fresh back from her honeymoon and we are ready to put her back to work doing makeup on our upcoming JORD wood watch shoot!

here are a few of our favorite pics we stole (with permission) from her journeys from bride-to-be to bride-on-beach...

i spy some St. Louis photographers in this pic with Mary and her new man...

#TOTHEMOON: RIP - Mary Doyle Keefe

by June Ann D'Angelo

RIP - Mary Doyle Keefe (Rosie the Riveter)

although many will use the wrong image today, Americans and women can all stand up and salute the iconic Rockwell painting of Rosie the Riveter that crashed the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on May 29, 1943! in my opinion, this image has stood the test of time and remains at the forefront because of it's ties to this nation's history. at the time, Mary Doyle Keefe was only 19 years old and working as a telephone operator and actually rather petite and has said that Rockwell took certain liberty to beef her up in the actual painting to embody the females that would break through stereotypical gender roles. when she received $10 for 2 days of modeling in Vermont (which would be roughly $138.94 in 2015 based on an annual inflation of 3.72% and a total inflation of 1289.42%), i wonder if she had any clue that her likeness would become the stamp of the women's rights movement?

thank you for stepping out and going against the grain to embody a woman that the time did not know yet. you paved the way for women to be individuals and i thank you so much from the bottom of my boxers!

from CNN.com: Mary poses with her iconic Rockwell cover in 2002

#TOTHEMOON: "Dust" by Dennis Gatz

by June Ann D'Angelo

there's definitely not a lot of photographers i will DRIVE to... i will fly to a photographer without a problem, but actually drive...there's a big difference there. but somehow Dennis Gatz and myself stumbled upon each other and knew we had to collaborate. so, i grabbed Bear and jumped in the car one Saturday and drove out to Kansas City to visit Dennis at his studio and make some SURREAL art... 

the work Dennis produces definitely falls in the genre of 'surrealist' photography and if you are a fan of Dali, it's only fitting that you check out his work...

this is image is titled "Dust" that we were able to create on my first of many KC trips...

check out more of Dennis's work by clicking the image below...


by Paolo Meneghetti


an aesthetics review of an image by Brian Cattelle


According to psychoanalysis, the grief would be erased trying to “incorporate” it inside of us. Abraham and Torok invite to safeguard somebody who left us, through our“crypt” of memory about him. So will we be able to revitalize (paradoxically) something mournful? A crypt seems to philosopher Derrida a place both included in another place, and separated by this last one. That would be the perception of an enclave. The crypt seems a “compromise” between the unveiled (aware) intimacy and the hidden (unconscious) intimacy. Here the model is framed in the room of an abandoned hangar. The break on the ceiling would be perfectly projected to the break on the floor. Both of them have a shape almost squared; but the first element is illuminated, while the second element gains a darkness (complicit the soil). The nude of course “unveils” the intimacy of a person. But here the body conserves an own darkness, from the belly to the feet. So the photography is played on a perception of the enclave, both on the ceiling and on the floor. The pipes and the sticks break the orthogonal equilibrium between the tiles. That’s symbolically a perception of the synapses, inside the “paroxysm” of unconscious thoughts.


Per la psicanalisi, il lutto sarebbe rimovibile provando ad “incorporarlo” dentro di noi. Abraham e Torok invitano a salvaguardare chi ci abbia lasciato, nella nostra “cripta” del ricordo per lui. Sarà un modo per rivitalizzare (paradossalmente) il luttuoso? Al filosofo Derrida, la cripta pare un luogo sia compreso in un altro, sia separato da quest’ultimo. Sarebbe la percezione dell’enclave. La cripta pare un “compromesso” fra l’intimità svelata (consapevole) e l’intimità nascosta (inconscia). Qui la modella è inquadrata nella stanza d’un capannone abbandonato. Lo squarcio del soffitto si proietterebbe perfettamente sullo squarcio del pavimento. Ambedue hanno una forma quasi quadrata; però il primo è illuminato, mentre l’altro guadagna d’oscurità (complice la terra). Il nudo ovviamente “svela” l’intimità della persona. Però il corpo qui mantiene una sua oscurità, dalla pancia ai piedi. La fotografia dunque è giocata sulla percezione dell’enclave, sia sul soffitto sia sul pavimento. Le tubazioni ed i bastoni rompono l’equilibrio ortogonale fra le mattonelle. E’ simbolicamente la percezione della sinapsi, dentro le “convulsioni” dei pensieri inconsci.


M. PERNIOLA, L’arte e la sua ombra, Einaudi, Torino 2000, pp. 99-101

#TOTHEMOON: BREAST AS PYRAMIDAL MOON --- SENO COME LUNA PIRAMIDALE (an aesthetics review on a photo from Alessio Migliardi)



an aesthetics review on a photo from Alessio Migliardi

by Paolo Meneghetti

Photographer: Alessio Migliardi                                                                                    Model: Manuela Mariani

ENGLISH: According to Fernando Pessoa, something can exist only "persisting" infinitely on itself. A pinpoint however encloses. For the esoterism of Fernando Pessoa, a snake through its shape in letter S reproduces the infinity symbol in mathematics (∞). This one always is perceived in the "slithering lying down" from universality to particularity. In a letter S, it seems that a "sky vault" slithers on an "earth crust". Fernando Pessoa writes that the One of universality would create a Pyramid of materiality. On Earth we know a tris in the plane of height, lenght and width. So the One would have a "slithering duality", through a multiplicity embraced from the "sky vault" into the "horizon of crust". According to the esoterism, a snake will seem a waxing moon of lower world, and in the same time a vaning moon of upper world. The model Manuela Mariani poses releasing a great sensuality. The right arm almost "wiggles its hips", on the "side" of armpit. Mirroring, the bust "lays down" on the depth in its "twirl". The shape of breast reproduces the infinity symbol in mathematics (∞), at least having more "rose windows" laced each other. The hairdo has "slithering coils". We remember that Fernando Pessoa studied the esoterism of Rosicrucian Order. Here the rigth arm launches a configuration in letter S for the entire pose. Almost "twirling" on its mirroring, the bust would gain a pyramidal volume, and through the sensuality of breast.

ITALIAN: Per Fernando Pessoa, qualcosa può esistere solo "insistendo" all'infinito su di sé. Un piccolissimo punto comunque racchiude. Nell’esoterismo di Fernando Pessoa, il serpente con la sua forma a lettera S riproduce il simbolo dell'infinito in matematica (∞). Quest’ultimo sempre si percepisce nel "coricamento strisciante" dell’universalità sulla particolarità. Nella lettera S, pare che una "volta celeste" serpeggi su una "crosta terrestre". Fernando Pessoa scrive che l'Uno dell’universale si creerebbe una Piramide del materiale. Sulla Terra noi conosciamo i tre piani dell'altezza, della lunghezza e della larghezza. Dunque l'Uno avrebbe una "dualità serpeggiante", mediante un molteplice abbracciato dalla "volta celeste" verso "l'orizzonte della crosta". Per l'esoterismo, il serpente sembrerà una luna crescente del mondo inferiore, e nel contempo una luna calante del mondo superiore. La modella Manuela Mariani posa liberando una grande sensualità. Il braccio destro quasi "ancheggia", sul "fianco" dell'ascella. Specchiandosi, il busto "si corica" in profondità nel suo "volteggio". La forma del seno riproduce il simbolo dell'infinito in matematica (∞), quantomeno avendo più "rosoni" nel loro allacciamento. La pettinatura consta di "volute serpeggianti". Ricordiamoci che Fernando Pessoa studiò l’esoterismo dei Rosacroce. Qui il braccio destro avvia una configurazione a lettera S dell'intera posa. Quasi "volteggiando" nel suo specchiarsi, il busto acquisterebbe un volume piramidale, e tramite la sensualità del seno.

REFERENCE: F. PESSOA, Pagine esoteriche, Adelphi, Milano 1997, pp. 82-88

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Alessio Migliardi (Italy)

MODEL: Manuela Mariani  (Italy)

#TOTHEMOON: BARE USA (If #Waldo was hot and had a vagina!)

by June Ann D'Angelo

today, we are sending the BARE USA project #tothemoon! Brian Cattelle set out last year to canvas the country and find amazing architectural gems that have been graced by man-made decay. for each state he visits, he finds that one brave model to dive into this beautifully grotesque playground (and play Waldo) left to us by the past to create amazing #nude art for the future (of your wall)! he has already completed 30 of the 50 states and has previewed his work in many galleries around the nation and even at Art Basel in Miami. the Missouri project is also featured in the current issue of the #1 art nude magazine in the world, VOLO (Issue #23). he is in the process of crowdfunding to finish the travel portion and start on the actual book publication. the kickstarter is almost half way funded, but he needs our help to see this through.

you can jump in on the ground floor and snag a signed, limited edition, high-quality print of your choice by donating to the kickstarter. at least take a look at the awesome project and play 'Where's Waldo' for a little bit...

kickstarter: click here 

VOLO: click here

geminijunemoon posts:

bts of Missouri shoot with model, June Ann D'Angelo (by Keleka Mobley): click here 

artist profile (by Lace Nguyen): click here 

here is a preview of 2 of the images that are included for the state of Missouri with model (and geminijunemoon editor), June Ann D'Angelo. for those of you in St. Louis, can you guess the location?

#TOTHEMOON: June Ann D'Angelo + Ashley Salazar | Playboy Mexico

geminijunemoon would like to congratulate our Editor and lead creative, June Ann D'Angelo, on her full page pictorial in the February 2015 issue of Playboy Mexico! The amazing model & photographer powerhouse, Ashley Salazar was responsible for creating the masterpiece and geminijunemoon lead stylist, Kristen Parks, served up fierce glamour for HMU! Evoli Agency was responsible for placing the image in publication! Follow more of June Ann's modeling work at the following places:

Facebook:  /drjuneann

Instagram: @lovejuneann

Twitter: @lovejuneann

Tumblr: @lovejuneann

Playboy Mexico, February 2015

#TOTHEMOON: January 30, 2015


submit to us...if we like it, we will blast it to the moon...see guidelines here

Here are some awesome L-wire LED suits made by Ann Johnson that were featured during "Any Colour You Like" by El Monstero on their most recent winter tour! Above is a backstage look of the costume with the lights out from the lusters that doubled up as the electric dancers and below is a look at what the suit looked like with the lights on. I have to say it was incredibly easy to dance and move in. We can't wait to see what Ann brings to the table in the future...she also does custom commissioned work if you are in need of an awesome costume!