We're BACK!!!

Hey there MOONrocks!!! We are back in a big way! After a couple years of finding our focus and switching from a redundant fashion blog to a planet filled with art created with sexual positivity in mind, we are ready to bring a little bit of structure. So here's what you can expect from geminijunemoon in 2017...

MOONx: this is the cornerstone of our site and where we celebrate submitted works of art that fit our brand. submit: juneann@geminijunemoon.com

BAMBOOWASTELAND: geminijunemoon feature project. it's got it's own tab on the site, so it must be super awesome...right?!?! to become a panda: juneann@geminijunemoon.com

MOONmodels: top notch certified dream team. we are looking for the girls with that extra something and ready to bring it. these ladies are gorgeous inside and out and represent themselves on social media in the most positive and natural light. ladies chosen as MOONmodels will receive multiple photoshoots that will be released on the website along with brand work and paid event booking opportunities. MOONmodels: juneann@geminijunemoon.com

MOONview: chat with the stars. we want more interviews. we will be looking for awesome stars shining bright in big ways to chat over the interweb and bring exclusively to you. are you doing something awesome and we need to know about it: juneann@geminijunemoon.com

photo credit: Steve Yancey