#MOONstl: The Mourning Society of St. Louis visit Bellefontaine Cemetery

i took to the many winding paths of Bellefontaine Cemetery at the end of N. Kingshighway this past weekend to learn all about the history of Victorian death in America. The Mourning Society of St. Louis was decked out in garb of the era to teach visitors at their event (Consolation of Memories: Mourning and Death in the Nineteenth Century) all about the major causes of death at the time and funeral customs, fears and superstitions. i highly recommend checking out their website at the link below and check out their upcoming events. we were even let in on a little secret about an upcoming event: Bellefontaine Cemetery plans to honor one of their most famous Civil War patrons with a full military funeral in 2017...you will not want to miss that!

click HERE to learn more about The Mourning Society of St. Louis

click HERE to learn more about Bellefontaine Cemetery

in the Hotchkiss Chapel we were welcomed by the Mourning Society to attend the funeral of 14 year old Charlotte E Willis who is actually buried at Bellefontaine

this character told us all about taphophobia which is the fear of premature burial that was alive and well in the Victorian era. there were no stethoscopes yet to determine if the deceased had truly become deceased and this really created a frenzy. at this very crypt, a female was buried and her lover came and when her lover came to the crypt to entomb another family member, her bones fell to his feet. she was buried alive and was trying desperately to get out.

no wonder so many babies were dying of disease. this is a bottle flask that would be left with the baby in the crib and only cleaned about once every 3 weeks. so basically these babies were drinking bottles of bacterial goo. this is actually the same shape of culture flasks used in modern day scientific research.

#MOONview: Interview with Gil Weinberg (Murmuration 2016 Preview)

as brilliant minds converge right here in the Midwest this weekend, i could not be more excited to attend the first ever Murmuration Festival that brings together science and art and music and technology! get ready to hear talks and panel discussions from world-renowned scientists and brilliant, avant-garde musicians and some of your favorite stl makers!

as st louis gears up for this first ever Murmuration festival, i had the pleasure of speaking with Gil Weinberg, director of Georgia Tech Center for Musical Technology, about his career focused on bringing robotics together with music. he also is super famous for making that drumming prosthetic we couldn't get enough of on social media. check out the interview below to find out more about Gil and what you can expect from his talk on Sunday at Murmuration Festival.

for more information on Gil Weinberg click HERE

for more information on Murmuration 2016 click HERE

#MOONX: back2school f/ Arch Apparel (look #1)

LOOK #1: girl, put your records on

as Arch Apparel garners city-wide attention for their STL-branded tees, we grabbed some of our favorite shirts to style up some different back2school looks to complement the breezy weather rolling our way. here we have our first look perfect for any bohemian book nerd. skip ahead to the end and find the perfect song to listen to while you find your moon magic...

B A C K 2 S C H O O L   f /   a r c h   a p p a r e l

model: jordan hangee
photographer: steve yancey
hair: caitlin ford (Notch)
makeup: leta groseclose (Notch)
stylist: laura heying
director: june ann d'angelo
producer: geminijunemoon

shirt: arch apparel
denim: free people
location: records plus (st. louis, mo)


recently, justin culton had his first art show at The Nest of Cryptic Winged Photography and sold out both his Friday and Saturday shows. selling over 10 pieces, he will be able to replace his camera that was recently stolen. the midwest is lucky to have this creative photographer that loves popping color and enhancing natural reflective surfaces and has truly created his own style.

E X P O S E D   f /    j u n e   a n n   d ' a n g e l o

photo: justin culton

assistant: antoine johnson
hair: kristen parks
art director: june ann d'angelo
production: geminijunemoon

#MOONTUNE: Grass Is Dead // 7.14.15 // Cicero's - St. Louis

my soul would not stop smiling last night at Cicero's in the Delmar Loop listening to Grass Is Dead as they stopped by St. Louis as part of their summer tour...best $10 i have ever spent...the filter i threw on the video actually makes it look like it took place in 1969 and not 2015...love it...


#CASTING: campaign - JORD wood watches



ready to take your portfolio #tothemoon? the geminijunemoon team is looking for 1 female model for a fully produced implied shoot highlighting JORD wood watches as part of a brand collaboration that will be submitted for publication. the shoot will be held at a studio location in St. Louis and the models availability will be taken into consideration. full hair and makeup will be provided by licensed, professional and internationally published artists.

to learn more about the brand you might be modeling, you can check out their website by clicking HERE.

if you are interested, please email us with your measurements, prior experience and a few recent unedited pics at tothemoon@geminijunemoon.com with 'JORD CASTING - YOUR NAME' in the subject line.

#JUNEMOON: i <3 stl (vote for me for stl ambassador ss15)

by June Ann D'Angelo

So, at the last #MWINetwork event, I had the opportunity to throw my name in the (hopefully Henschel) hat for the official Explore St. Louis Summer Ambassadorship for 2015 by making the following little video where I talk about why I love to explore St. Louis. Please check it out and head on over to the following link and vote for me (June Ann D'Angelo) by scrolling to the bottom of the page.


#MEET: Ashley Hanqui Zhou - Intern

everyone at geminijunemoon is so excited to welcome our new intern, Ashley Hanqui Zhou, to our team. this girl has the sass, spunk, drive and taste level to really be a strong voice on the moon and we could not be more ecstatic. she has already hit the ground running and will definitely bring new content #tothemoon. check out her bio by clicking on her photo below and scrolling to the intern section. make sure to leave a comment to welcome her #tothemoon...

SEE YOU THERE: #SLAM Soundsuits and Sock Monkeys

Turn on your instagram feeds, because #geminijunemoon will be attending this awesome event tonight and hope to run into you there! Keep a look out on our feed for pictures...www.instagram.com/geminijunemoon!



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#TOTHEMOON: January 30, 2015


submit to us...if we like it, we will blast it to the moon...see guidelines here

Here are some awesome L-wire LED suits made by Ann Johnson that were featured during "Any Colour You Like" by El Monstero on their most recent winter tour! Above is a backstage look of the costume with the lights out from the lusters that doubled up as the electric dancers and below is a look at what the suit looked like with the lights on. I have to say it was incredibly easy to dance and move in. We can't wait to see what Ann brings to the table in the future...she also does custom commissioned work if you are in need of an awesome costume!