the geminijunemoon team set out with some of your favorite #MOONmodels and photographers to Lower Rock Creek Trail outside of Fredericktown, MO this past Saturday in hopes to find the (geminijune)moon.

the moon is one of those places you search for but never find...it's not tangible and Apple maps cannot take you there. it's a mindset. it's that creative little nook and cranny tucked behind some major globs of anatomy in that skull of yours. it projects as confidence and clarity. no fucks given here, kids. 

our hiking shoot had #MOONmodels changing on the trails into bodysuits and Chase & Hunter shirts and some down to their very own MOONsuits themselves. (FYI...our birthday suits are called MOONsuits...duh) It's a good thing we were on an unmarked trail that people barely traverse. after our hike shoot, the MOONmodels changed and headed over to The Pig BBQ for a few delicious bites and a few shots and even had some of our awesome severs pop in our shots!



Mitchell Phelps
Steve Yancey


June Ann D'Angelo
Stacey Rios
Audrey Tee
Kaley Vance

MOONmodels and photographers posing outside The Pig BBQ in Fredericktown, MO where we stopped in for a few bites and a few shots after our hike shoot at Lower Rock Creek Trail. photo taken by Steve Yancey

MOONmodels and photographers posing outside The Pig BBQ in Fredericktown, MO where we stopped in for a few bites and a few shots after our hike shoot at Lower Rock Creek Trail. photo taken by Steve Yancey




the geminijunemoon team would like to welcome Stacey Rios as our newest and first ambassador for our scientifically luxurious bath product, MOONmilk! some of you already know her, but for those of you who don't, she is one of the hardest working go-getters in the Lou. she also graces the homepage of our website with me in an image taken by our resident photographer, Steve Yancey! while she is relaxing in MOONmilk, she enjoys catching up on her social media, unwinding with a glass of wine and painting her nails her favorite shade of moon...BLACK! she can play any instrument and front a band like no other with vocal chops for days. on top of that, she's easy on the eyes and loves working with fresh photographers to capture fun moments. she's even stepped in front of my camera recently looking gorgeous with no makeup for some very Cher-like images. she's also one of my very best friends with a heart of gold. i would go to the geminijunemoon and back for this girl. go check her out on her social media (below) and get ready to see more of her on GEMINIJUNEMOON!


To the moon,
June Ann D'Angelo

if you are local or traveling to St. Louis and would like to become a MOONmilk.AMBASSADOR, please email us at moonmilk@geminijunemoon.com with 'AMBASSADOR' in the subject line. ambassadors receive a free bag of MOONmilk to try out and for social media posting along with a little photo shoot highlighting 3 of your favorite things to do in the bathtub (no water or nudity required). to the moon.

#pokeMOON: females aged 18-29 look desperately for balls, but not yours

data from SurveyMonkey Intelligence (siliconera.com)

so, you can't go anywhere without seeing someone playing Pokemon Go. with about 90% of players in major cities or urban areas, it is no surprise to see this phenomena take STL by storm. and, guys, you might want to pay attention, because it looks like females aged 18-29 are having more fun finding imaginary balls rather than playing with yours. (see below, it should be noted that Niantic has not released any demographic data from its users, so this data is third-party from SurveyMonkey Intelligence)

as i have downloaded the app myself and began playing, I find myself in the same category as those females a tad bit younger than myself...desperately seeking balls!!! Nadoz Cafe has offered special deals to Pokemon Go players and Caitlin Ford over at Notch is doing a whole series of pokemon-inspired hair colors! personally, i have made it to level 15 and have found that catching imaginary creatures is the perfect companion to my Bear-walking adventures and also makes for a great way to get over that ex that thought you were actually playing with other people's real balls instead of imaginary ones! here's a few pics to peruse and make you laugh. send us your own #pidgeytitty pics so we can post them in our next #pokeMOON update!

started 7.12.16 and have made it to Level 15. i decided to go with Team Instinct only for the reason that one of my friends was on the same team. i really feel that Pokemon Go should team up with some different brands (like my faves, Patagonia or Free People) and offer wardrobe upgrades. i would love for my lady to be wearing an awesome bison hat from Patagonia!

“You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!” 

-Dr. Seuss (Oh, The Places You Go)

i'm glad it was as great for you as it was for me ;)

sorry Bear, you don't anymore :(

#pidgeytitty on STL influencer and owner of www.weirdcult.com, Laura Heying

getting in on the #pidgeytitty action myself

even Playmate photographer, Michael Abrams, got some #pidgeytitty (eevee-style) last time he visited from NYC

found this male Nidoran in the lobby of my apartment. i guess these are the only pokemon with gender? i'm really interested in the mating patterns of this particular species...haha.

Bear still doesn't know what to think about these damn pidgeys!!!

i'm still trying to figure out if this is a pokestop over near South Grand...

Forest Park has been a fun place for Bear to explore and find tons of towers and gyms and wild pokemon running about...

we always catch about 4-5 pokemon on our short little 10 minute walks to Forest Park.

i caught this little pidgey while i was laying out at #jerryspool

local rocker and model, Stacey Rios, doesn't play pokemon herself but she doesn't mind cuddling up next to a weedle every now and again...

...or a pidgey...

even local hair guru, Caitlin Ford (@caitlinfordhair) from Notch STL, has caught the pokemon bug going around and you can constantly catch her posting little updates on social media and she even just did a model call for pokemon-inspired hair colors...

Charmander-inspired hair color from STL hair guru Caitlin Ford. make sure to follow her instagram (@caitlinfordhair) so you don't miss her next model call...

#STLMOONWATCH: STEAK & STAKE (at Ruth's Chris in Clayton)

by June Ann D'Angelo

looking to stake out your next date and maybe grab a steak after you feel it out? do you work in Clayton? are you looking for a new after work spot to add to your list? looking to grab a drink with a co-worker on a cityscape patio? look no further than 1 north brentwood blvd in clayton. there you will find The R Bar at Ruth's Chris and some of the best after work light bites that leave your taste buds as tired as your feet from work. ranging from mouth-watering proteins like seared ahi tuna ($12 before 6pm, $18 after), carpaccio ($10 before 6pm, $16 after) and, the crowd favorite, filet oscar ($18 before 6pm, $23 after) to savory sides such as smoked salmon chips ($8 before 6pm, $11) and asparagus fries ($8 before 6pm, $11 after). need something to wash that deliciousness down? grab one of the many great specialty cocktails hitting all the major drink groups: mojito, cosmo, margarita, manhattan and old fashioned are all $8 before 6pm (compared to the normal $10, mojito $11)....along with beer ($4 before 6pm) and wine ($9 before 6pm) and a full bar. i had a great time with my girlfriend, Stacey, local Esquire model and the front person of RIOS, there last week and it's definitely worth checking out to see if it's your kind of spot... maybe you will run into us there...

photos by Ashley Kuenstler courtesy of the Midwest Influencer Network...

a little fun with the shitty phone camera...

what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom...