#MOONX: HONEST f/ Katie (NSFW photos by Alexandersikwitit)


MODEL: Katie
PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandersikwitit

The year of 2016 was a real shit storm for most and, like any good fuck up in life, leaves us with a yearning for something different. I find it is best to start this transition in a place of honesty. As you navigate the tumultuous waters of change, remember to be honest with yourself, first. Katie, with the help of Alexandersikwitit, has brought this honesty to the moon and we could not be more thankful.

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recently, justin culton had his first art show at The Nest of Cryptic Winged Photography and sold out both his Friday and Saturday shows. selling over 10 pieces, he will be able to replace his camera that was recently stolen. the midwest is lucky to have this creative photographer that loves popping color and enhancing natural reflective surfaces and has truly created his own style.

E X P O S E D   f /    j u n e   a n n   d ' a n g e l o

photo: justin culton

assistant: antoine johnson
hair: kristen parks
art director: june ann d'angelo
production: geminijunemoon

#TOTHEMOON: "Dust" by Dennis Gatz

by June Ann D'Angelo

there's definitely not a lot of photographers i will DRIVE to... i will fly to a photographer without a problem, but actually drive...there's a big difference there. but somehow Dennis Gatz and myself stumbled upon each other and knew we had to collaborate. so, i grabbed Bear and jumped in the car one Saturday and drove out to Kansas City to visit Dennis at his studio and make some SURREAL art... 

the work Dennis produces definitely falls in the genre of 'surrealist' photography and if you are a fan of Dali, it's only fitting that you check out his work...

this is image is titled "Dust" that we were able to create on my first of many KC trips...

check out more of Dennis's work by clicking the image below...

#TOTHEMOON: June Ann D'Angelo + Ashley Salazar | Playboy Mexico

geminijunemoon would like to congratulate our Editor and lead creative, June Ann D'Angelo, on her full page pictorial in the February 2015 issue of Playboy Mexico! The amazing model & photographer powerhouse, Ashley Salazar was responsible for creating the masterpiece and geminijunemoon lead stylist, Kristen Parks, served up fierce glamour for HMU! Evoli Agency was responsible for placing the image in publication! Follow more of June Ann's modeling work at the following places:

Facebook:  /drjuneann

Instagram: @lovejuneann

Twitter: @lovejuneann

Tumblr: @lovejuneann

Playboy Mexico, February 2015