#MOONx: PHOTOGRAPHIC FEMINISM PT. 1 (f/ digital photography by Natasha Mia Turner)


Photography by Natasha Mia Turner

A photographic study of feminism, looking into themes of sexuality, gender and taboo. Exploring the over-sexualization of young females, the identity and gender of transgender males and the effect female clothes can have on transvestite males and how it transforms their confidence and persona. This will be posted as a 3-part series with this being the first post focused on the over-sexualization of young females.

#MOONX: HONEST f/ Katie (NSFW photos by Alexandersikwitit)


MODEL: Katie
PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandersikwitit

The year of 2016 was a real shit storm for most and, like any good fuck up in life, leaves us with a yearning for something different. I find it is best to start this transition in a place of honesty. As you navigate the tumultuous waters of change, remember to be honest with yourself, first. Katie, with the help of Alexandersikwitit, has brought this honesty to the moon and we could not be more thankful.

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#MOONX: play pt. 1 f/ lara beard (NSFW photos by trash her ink photograph)

it was so good, we had to make this into a 2-parter... here's the first...


you make me feel like splendor in the grass while we're rolling...
you make me feel like the amazon's running between my thighs...
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model: lara beard

photographer: trash her ink photography



#TOTHEMOON: redefining the 'custom' experience with Meero Mani Nails

by June Ann D'Angelo

redefining the 'custom' experience with Meero Mani Nails

so when you have one of the leading internationally published glamour photographers in the world coming to your city and you setup a shoot with them, you obviously bust ass to make sure that set is going to be as brilliant as ever... this is exactly what i faced when photog Michael Abrams came to visit St. Louis so I had a good few weeks to come up with 2 concepts and scrounge together everything needed for the sets and styling.

for any good shoot, details are everything... you really need that extra pop... so, i remembered back to some events where I had spoke with Marsha from Meero Mani Nails about these awesome custom press-on sets that she can create for easy on and off without ruining your existing nail bed, which is exactly what i (or any model) needs for photo shoots. this way you are not stuck to a tacky french manicure that some photog required for a paid shoot. 

i knew that Marsha did custom orders, but i just did not realize how 'custom' the experience would be... before i knew it, i was sending her pics of one of the outfits along with my ideas for the custom set and she instantly sent me back sample nail colors for me to choose from. then, once, we had it narrowed down, she actually sent me the brand and color and suggested that i look these up on google images to see the same color photographed in different lighting. i thought this was absolutely brilliant. what we settled on was absolutely gorgeous and i can't wait to get this set published and share with you...

for any model or creative team that is going into a shoot, they should really think about using this custom nail option to really elevate the shoot. they are incredibly affordable and you can always take them off and keep them for the next amazing outfit that they match! 

for more info and to check out all the fun styles that Meero has made, check out their facebook page by clicking HERE or emailing Marsha at meeromaninails@gmail.com


here are the outfit choices that i had sent over to Marsha...

i had told her that i definitely wanted to do a color like a nude-pink and she suggested some gold lace detail to match the wardrobe...to pick the color she sent me these choices that i then looked up on the internet to see the colors in different lights...

and then here is what we ended up with... i absolutely love the custom gold lace detail on the two fingers that Marsha had added to match the wardrobe...

these nails went on so super easy. there are these little pads and you pull one part of the sticker off and put it on the nail and then pull the other side off and press that on to your finger... these nails were so easy to put on that i couldn't help but smile to see the entire look come together. 

here's a selfie I took the day of the shoot and a bts below that...

#TOTHEMOON: "Dust" by Dennis Gatz

by June Ann D'Angelo

there's definitely not a lot of photographers i will DRIVE to... i will fly to a photographer without a problem, but actually drive...there's a big difference there. but somehow Dennis Gatz and myself stumbled upon each other and knew we had to collaborate. so, i grabbed Bear and jumped in the car one Saturday and drove out to Kansas City to visit Dennis at his studio and make some SURREAL art... 

the work Dennis produces definitely falls in the genre of 'surrealist' photography and if you are a fan of Dali, it's only fitting that you check out his work...

this is image is titled "Dust" that we were able to create on my first of many KC trips...

check out more of Dennis's work by clicking the image below...

#TOTHEMOON: BARE USA (If #Waldo was hot and had a vagina!)

by June Ann D'Angelo

today, we are sending the BARE USA project #tothemoon! Brian Cattelle set out last year to canvas the country and find amazing architectural gems that have been graced by man-made decay. for each state he visits, he finds that one brave model to dive into this beautifully grotesque playground (and play Waldo) left to us by the past to create amazing #nude art for the future (of your wall)! he has already completed 30 of the 50 states and has previewed his work in many galleries around the nation and even at Art Basel in Miami. the Missouri project is also featured in the current issue of the #1 art nude magazine in the world, VOLO (Issue #23). he is in the process of crowdfunding to finish the travel portion and start on the actual book publication. the kickstarter is almost half way funded, but he needs our help to see this through.

you can jump in on the ground floor and snag a signed, limited edition, high-quality print of your choice by donating to the kickstarter. at least take a look at the awesome project and play 'Where's Waldo' for a little bit...

kickstarter: click here 

VOLO: click here

geminijunemoon posts:

bts of Missouri shoot with model, June Ann D'Angelo (by Keleka Mobley): click here 

artist profile (by Lace Nguyen): click here 

here is a preview of 2 of the images that are included for the state of Missouri with model (and geminijunemoon editor), June Ann D'Angelo. for those of you in St. Louis, can you guess the location?

#TOTHEMOON: June Ann D'Angelo + Ashley Salazar | Playboy Mexico

geminijunemoon would like to congratulate our Editor and lead creative, June Ann D'Angelo, on her full page pictorial in the February 2015 issue of Playboy Mexico! The amazing model & photographer powerhouse, Ashley Salazar was responsible for creating the masterpiece and geminijunemoon lead stylist, Kristen Parks, served up fierce glamour for HMU! Evoli Agency was responsible for placing the image in publication! Follow more of June Ann's modeling work at the following places:

Facebook:  /drjuneann

Instagram: @lovejuneann

Twitter: @lovejuneann

Tumblr: @lovejuneann

Playboy Mexico, February 2015

#MOONCULTMEETUP#1: Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography

by June Ann D'Angelo

Laura Heying of Weird Cult(ure) [www.weirdcult.com] and I decided that we wanted to bring our resources together to host quarterly events for the blogger community under the mash-up title of Mooncult Meetup! Our first one was so much fun. We invited local bloggers over to my house to meet Michael Abrams of Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography and enjoy some delicious sweet treats from Piccione Bakery on Delmar and some wine! After a few introductions and a fun chat session about what a boudoir shoot entails and pricing, the ladies had their hair and makeup touched up by St. Louis's own internationally published HMUA Kristen Parks who has teamed up to be the go-to HMUA for Sweet Emotion in the Lou! Next, it was...LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!! See a fun pic from the night below and check out photos from the blogs represented, Laura Heying from Weird Cult(ure) and Carmen Curtis Boeser of The Ruby Zipper!

I know Michael, because he is one of the big up-and-coming glamour photographers in the industry. I actually did a shoot with him a few days after this event that we will be submitting internationally (and I've seen a sneak peek...and they are amazing)! It just so happens that, although Michael lives in NYC, he travels frequently to visit family back in St. Louis and has decided to share his successful and affordable boudoir photography business with the MidWest. If you are going to have sexy pictures taken of yourself, wouldn't you want the person taking them to have experience being published by international Playboys, Maxim, FHM and Esquire? There is not doubt you will look incredible and still look like YOU!!! This is not glamour shots...this is YOUR shot! Not only does his Sweet Emotions Boudoir Photography offer amazing boudoir and supermodel experiences, you can also get your bridal and maternity pictures as well. Michael is incredibly flexible and affordable and is definitely the person to get in touch with if this is always something you have wanted to do. 

Find out more here: www.sweetemotionboudoir.com

Check out the photos over at the blogs that were represented (click the blog name) and mention any of these blogs and receive a booking DISCOUNT of 10% throughout March:

Weird Cult(ure)

The Ruby Zipper