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you should definitely plan on checking out this instagram immediately...this lady is on #FIRE and we will be bringing an #exclusive to a #laptop or #mobile near you this #friday!!!  we just love how she lets herself go in her shoots and is not afraid to jump or hide her face or be different. you can find her on instagram by clicking the photo below!


by Paolo Meneghetti


an aesthetics review of an image by Brian Cattelle


According to psychoanalysis, the grief would be erased trying to “incorporate” it inside of us. Abraham and Torok invite to safeguard somebody who left us, through our“crypt” of memory about him. So will we be able to revitalize (paradoxically) something mournful? A crypt seems to philosopher Derrida a place both included in another place, and separated by this last one. That would be the perception of an enclave. The crypt seems a “compromise” between the unveiled (aware) intimacy and the hidden (unconscious) intimacy. Here the model is framed in the room of an abandoned hangar. The break on the ceiling would be perfectly projected to the break on the floor. Both of them have a shape almost squared; but the first element is illuminated, while the second element gains a darkness (complicit the soil). The nude of course “unveils” the intimacy of a person. But here the body conserves an own darkness, from the belly to the feet. So the photography is played on a perception of the enclave, both on the ceiling and on the floor. The pipes and the sticks break the orthogonal equilibrium between the tiles. That’s symbolically a perception of the synapses, inside the “paroxysm” of unconscious thoughts.


Per la psicanalisi, il lutto sarebbe rimovibile provando ad “incorporarlo” dentro di noi. Abraham e Torok invitano a salvaguardare chi ci abbia lasciato, nella nostra “cripta” del ricordo per lui. Sarà un modo per rivitalizzare (paradossalmente) il luttuoso? Al filosofo Derrida, la cripta pare un luogo sia compreso in un altro, sia separato da quest’ultimo. Sarebbe la percezione dell’enclave. La cripta pare un “compromesso” fra l’intimità svelata (consapevole) e l’intimità nascosta (inconscia). Qui la modella è inquadrata nella stanza d’un capannone abbandonato. Lo squarcio del soffitto si proietterebbe perfettamente sullo squarcio del pavimento. Ambedue hanno una forma quasi quadrata; però il primo è illuminato, mentre l’altro guadagna d’oscurità (complice la terra). Il nudo ovviamente “svela” l’intimità della persona. Però il corpo qui mantiene una sua oscurità, dalla pancia ai piedi. La fotografia dunque è giocata sulla percezione dell’enclave, sia sul soffitto sia sul pavimento. Le tubazioni ed i bastoni rompono l’equilibrio ortogonale fra le mattonelle. E’ simbolicamente la percezione della sinapsi, dentro le “convulsioni” dei pensieri inconsci.


M. PERNIOLA, L’arte e la sua ombra, Einaudi, Torino 2000, pp. 99-101

#TOTHEMOON: BARE USA (If #Waldo was hot and had a vagina!)

by June Ann D'Angelo

today, we are sending the BARE USA project #tothemoon! Brian Cattelle set out last year to canvas the country and find amazing architectural gems that have been graced by man-made decay. for each state he visits, he finds that one brave model to dive into this beautifully grotesque playground (and play Waldo) left to us by the past to create amazing #nude art for the future (of your wall)! he has already completed 30 of the 50 states and has previewed his work in many galleries around the nation and even at Art Basel in Miami. the Missouri project is also featured in the current issue of the #1 art nude magazine in the world, VOLO (Issue #23). he is in the process of crowdfunding to finish the travel portion and start on the actual book publication. the kickstarter is almost half way funded, but he needs our help to see this through.

you can jump in on the ground floor and snag a signed, limited edition, high-quality print of your choice by donating to the kickstarter. at least take a look at the awesome project and play 'Where's Waldo' for a little bit...

kickstarter: click here 

VOLO: click here

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here is a preview of 2 of the images that are included for the state of Missouri with model (and geminijunemoon editor), June Ann D'Angelo. for those of you in St. Louis, can you guess the location?

#TOTHEMOON: June Ann D'Angelo + Ashley Salazar | Playboy Mexico

geminijunemoon would like to congratulate our Editor and lead creative, June Ann D'Angelo, on her full page pictorial in the February 2015 issue of Playboy Mexico! The amazing model & photographer powerhouse, Ashley Salazar was responsible for creating the masterpiece and geminijunemoon lead stylist, Kristen Parks, served up fierce glamour for HMU! Evoli Agency was responsible for placing the image in publication! Follow more of June Ann's modeling work at the following places:

Facebook:  /drjuneann

Instagram: @lovejuneann

Twitter: @lovejuneann

Tumblr: @lovejuneann

Playboy Mexico, February 2015