#MCM.17 = #rockgod Eduardo Pereira w/ @himpromotions

MCM.17 = Eduardo Pereira


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aside from the editor: bodies, as gorgeous as they come, are not just physical specimens...they are breathing, living, feeling, doing organisms that bounce energy with each other throughout their entire lifeform. in an effort to know more about the breathing, living, feeling and doing part, we want to bring you interviews from the amazing bodies that end up on the moon with us... we are so excited to partner with the men from HiM and we bring you our very first MCM interview with the delicious Eduardo Pereira...he will always go down as our first #rockgod on the moon!


A little more Mr. Pereira wants you to know about himself...

"Simply put, I'm a rock drummer who moonlights as a model. Bangin' away on the skins, sweating away the previous night's bad decisions, and barely having enough money to eat while on the road is what kept me lean. The promotional photo shoot for the record that followed was what made people go 'Oh hey you have abs... You should try this'."


EP: To be quite honest, working with HiM (www.HiMpromotions.com; @HiMpromotions) is my biggest accomplishment thus far. In the short time that I've been apart of it I have done photo shoots, two live performances, and two live television media appearances. That's just in June alone. Its opened doors for me I never thought possible and showed me things about myself I never knew. For example prior to this anything dance related was very much out of my comfort zone, and that tends to strike people as odd being that I'm a drummer. Our dance choreographer Ryan is a magician; what he's done with me so far is blowing my mind and getting me amped for what I can learn next. Its the same feeling I got when I first starting drumming. Its like "Oh ok... I think I get this.. I just need to practice the hell out of it."


EP: Before joining HiM and shooting with Drasko Bogdanovic (HiM's resident photographer; @drasko.bogdanovic) the last photographer I worked with was Alex Maxim (@max_retouching), a BRILLIANT photographer out of Toronto. The thing I love about Alex is he always comes prepared with new ideas he wants to try. Every shoot is a completely different experience and he puts a lot of thought beforehand on what he wants to capture. Since he's so structured and calculating it makes it easy for me, I just gotta add abs. And being a guitar player the dude always has awesome tunes playing in the background, which is nice.


EP: When I did my first professional band photo shoot, we found this old half burnt down, half torn down house in the middle of a field somewhere just off a highway in northern Ontario. It was the coolest "set" ever. It was slanted walls, no ceilings, half windows remaining, just some of the creepiest imaginary you could imagine mixed in with this beautiful cloudless sunny summer day. It was surreal.


EP: Anything sunny with natural light. I'm not big on night time photo sessions.


EP: I'm pretty safe in general when it comes to my style. I'm not bold with what I wear, tho I admire those who are. If I had to say I'd pick something like "Athletic Preppy Rocker". 
Sounds lame even in writing. Eech!!!


EP: Shoulders. I love working my shoulders because being a slender guy I will do just about any exercise to widen up. I've been doing a lot of presses and lateral raises lately. And of course my Arnold Presses. Because of Arnold says it, I do it. (*does Arnold Schwarzenegger's Arggghhghg*)


EP: OK, hear me out on this one. Bare with me. I don't like tattoos.... ON ME. Hear me out; I admire people who can believe in or be so sure about something enough to permanently ink it on themselves. I'm just not that guy. Being a guy from a hard rock/metal background that's just disgraceful, but it's true.


EP: "All I Know" by Karnivool, an awesome band out of Australia. They have an incredible syncopated style that while complex, is so rewarding when you finally "get" a song and feel what they're trying to do. If you like Tool, definitely check them out.

About HiM Promotions
HiM Promotions is a talent, entertainment and promotions company operating in Toronto, Canada.  Our services include a model roster for events and photo shoots, as well as live entertainment for events and exclusive HiM performances. We recruit talented and skilled performers and models in order to create the ultimate, unforgettable “ladies’ night” experience that every woman craves and deserves.


Have you seen HiM?  

HiM Promotions brings HiM:Man to Niagara Falls and a new Toronto venue in July

Toronto (June 30, 2015) - HiM Promotions are proud to present HiM:MAN not once, but TWICE in July! HiM Promotions will literally be taking their show on the road, bringing HiM:MAN to Niagara Falls on July 10, before they bring the sexy back to Toronto on July 18.   

The men of HiM have been keeping busy since their appearance at Uniun Nightclub on Victoria Day weekend. In June, the men of HiM were chosen as the real life representation of movie muscle to promote the July 1 release of Magic Mike XXL, the sexy sequel to the film that actually inspired the creation of HiM. As part of this campaign, the men of HiM appeared on Breakfast Television, CP24, Global Morning Show and the Social, surprising and delighting audiences and show hosts with their Tatum-esque talent. HiM then brought a taste of Magic Mike to Toronto’s Pride festivities, performing not once, not twice, but FIVE times on the coveted Bud Light Burlesque A-Go-Go stage. And if that wasn’t enough, the handsome HiMs even surprised a group of movie going ladies attending a private screening of the film with their own private Magic Mike XXL style show. At every one of these appearances the HiM Men did what they do best: dazzle ladies with their swagger, smooth dance moves and sweet dispositions.
"It's a huge thrill to be a part of the promotion of Magic Mike XXL. We want to make Channing proud of our HiM men and what we brought to help promote Magic Mike XXL here in Toronto!, " said HiM Promotions founder Chris Cecile.
On July 10, HiM:Man will take over Seven Nightclub at 8:00 p.m., one of Niagara’s premiere nightlife destinations. Seven Nightclub is already known for its legendary ladies’ nights, and now they are upping the ante with HiM. Presenting the same sexy show that was already a hit in Toronto, the ladies of Niagara Falls will get a taste of what the six is already loving, complete with photo opps and mixing and mingling with HiM’s performers and models.

But HiM will never leave its loving Toronto audience wanting, which is exactly why just a week later, HiM:MAN will resume its Toronto run at Cube Nightclub. Part elegant cocktail lounge, part divine nightclub and boasting one of the best rooftop patios in the city, Cube provides the perfect environment for HiM to evolve their ultimate ladies night out. As with our Uniun shows, the night will  be presented in partnership with Ink Entertainment, Toronto’s foremost entertainment company.  Guests will not only be treated to a fantastic show, but will also have the chance to be pampered before in the Beauty Lounge. Hair, makeup and other beauty services will be available to help ladies look and feel their best before they enjoy their fun and sexy night out.
HiM:Man was choreographed by the incredibly talented Ryan Scheel, whose credits include the MMVAs and dancing in performances with Mia Martina, Madonna and Psy. HiM:Man has an irresistible soundtrack, a higher tease factor and a hotter than ever cast, including parkour experts, stuntmen, football hunks and martial artists. 
Women of Toronto (and now NIAGARA FALLS!) don’t have to travel to Las Vegas to see a spectacular Male Revue, now that they have HiM.

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About HiM Promotions (IG: @HiMPROMOTIONS)
HiM Promotions is a talent, entertainment and promotions company operating in Toronto, Canada.  Our services include a model roster for events and photo shoots, as well as live entertainment for events and exclusive HiM performances. We recruit talented and skilled performers and models in order to create the ultimate, unforgettable “ladies’ night” experience that every woman craves and deserves.
About Ink Entertainment (IG: @inkentertainment)
INK Entertainment is Canada's leading lifestyle and entertainment company. Operating since 1982, INK Entertainment has demonstrated an enviable ability to read the pulse of ever-changing cultural times and tastes, responding with a host of successful enterprises, including the Parisian-themed Bistro La Société (Toronto and Montreal), the deejay-headlined VELD Music Festival and a number of trendy nightclubs, including Uniun, Product, CUBE, Dragonfly, the Guvernment and Koolhaus Entertainment Complex, and Tattoo Queen West.
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Shining through the world famous Niagara Falls landscape, Club Se7en is a luxurious, upscale haven catering to a sophisticated clientel. Located at the intersection of Fallsview Blvd. and Robinson St., Se7en is the pinnacle of nightlife in Niagara. Showcasing a brick and beam loft style space housed in a warehouse dating back to the 1920's, Club Se7en brings a raw, industrial, New York feel to Niagara Falls. Boasting spacious 20ft high ceilings surrounded by authentic exposed brick and huge, picturesque windows, the ambiance