#MOONX: back2school f/ Arch Apparel (look #1)

LOOK #1: girl, put your records on

as Arch Apparel garners city-wide attention for their STL-branded tees, we grabbed some of our favorite shirts to style up some different back2school looks to complement the breezy weather rolling our way. here we have our first look perfect for any bohemian book nerd. skip ahead to the end and find the perfect song to listen to while you find your moon magic...

B A C K 2 S C H O O L   f /   a r c h   a p p a r e l

model: jordan hangee
photographer: steve yancey
hair: caitlin ford (Notch)
makeup: leta groseclose (Notch)
stylist: laura heying
director: june ann d'angelo
producer: geminijunemoon

shirt: arch apparel
denim: free people
location: records plus (st. louis, mo)


by June Ann D'Angelo

yes, there's nothing that gets my motor going like #freepeople and Friday when i was perusing the mall with my girlfriend Stacey, i stumbled upon this amazing wall at the Galleria that had the free people logo splattered across it... i knew the boho gods answered prayers, so in exchange I created a little offering. when i was out on my shoot at Elephant Rocks with Steve Yancey, I had packed all my stuff in this free people bag that i was given back when i shopped at the UES store when i lived in Manhattan. so, i told Steve about the store opening and said let's get some kind of fun image and this is what we came up with... (hair by the amazing Kristen Parks, of course)

p: steve yancey    m: june ann d'angelo     h: kristen parks

p: steve yancey    m: june ann d'angelo     h: kristen parks