meet our interns: Keleka Mobley - Savannah College of Art and Design

geminijunemoon is welcoming our first crop of interns for the summer of 2014.

So, when you start a company and it comes time for your first crop of interns, it can be very exciting but also be the most nerve-racking thing you have ever done. As a scientist, I have had the (sometimes) pleasure of mentoring close to 30 different types of students, whether they be medical, graduate, undergraduate or high school students. They always have different personalities, motivation and starting skill sets and it really is a gamble. An intern can waste your time or elevate your company to the next level and Keleka Mobley has already shown in a short time that she will do the latter.  

Keleka comes to us from the illustrious Savannah College of Art and Design. Just out of her sophomore year, Keleka has already mastered software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Due to her interest in becoming a brand director and her experience, Keleka will be working with me to create the digital design that will translate the creative vision of our current editorial. I was also impressed by the fact that Keleka took it upon herself after her interview to create a trend report that researched runway looks from spring/summer 2014 that we could possibly use for our next editorial campaign. And she had this done and emailed to me the very next morning. So after seeing her impeccable research skills, she will also be writing some trend reports and covering some local fashion events for our blog, so make sure to check back for those updates! Be sure to see Keleka's bio and social media info under the intern section here...this is definitely someone we will be seeing and hearing from in the future and are so excited to have her as part of the geminijunemoon team for the summer!

meet our interns: Mallory Wesley - University of Alabama

geminijunemoon is welcoming our first crop of interns for the summer of 2014.

we are so excited to introduce Mallory Wesley to our team. At first, I must say I was hesitant after seeing University of Alabama on the resume, being that I am a LSU alumni, but fashion knows no boundaries. Mallory came in for her interview and was soft-spoken and quiet, but I can just tell there is a wild and fearless fashionista under everything. Mallory has an interest in runway show production, so she will be working backstage on STL fashion events that geminijunemoon creative team members are involved, including the upcoming American Trash show produced by our wardrobe stylist, Dwight Carter's Brainchild Events. We are so excited to have Mallory on board, so please check out her bio and social media info here under the interns section and reach out and welcome her!

meet Claire Oliver Fuller

Claire Oliver Fuller with 'Alice on Acid' model June Ann D'Angelo after having her hair styled.

Today I get to introduce you to our first creative team member, Claire Oliver Fuller. This is one special lady. I have not known Claire for long at all, but the instant I met her, I knew I was meeting not only an uber-creative hair stylist, but also a life-long best friend. Claire was responsible for creating an amazing style for our 'Alice on Acid' shoot that perfectly matched the creative direction that was envisioned. Along with being technically brilliant and completely out of the box creatively, she is also one of the most self-motivated and driven women that I know. She has already taken on a huge task of recreating and updating Marie Antoinette hair looks for our second editorial campaign. Make sure to check out her bio and booking info here and go update your look by getting a fresh style created especially for you by the one and only Claire Oliver Fuller. 

meet Kristen Parks

Kristen Parks getting ready to make hair magic!

Please help me welcome Kristen Parks to the blogging team over at If you have known me or my ever-changing hair color over the past 3 years, you can thank Kristen for those gorgeous reds and purples that have graced my scalp. Most recently, she is responsible for my most recent hair color that was created for the 'Alice in Acid' editorial produced by geminijunemoon. Make sure you check out her bio here with all of her booking information and look out for her first introductory blog where she goes over exactly how she was able to achieve this newest hair color creation!

meet Rebecca-Emma Pink (Dollpartz)

Rebecca-Emma Pink (Dollpartz) wants you to check out her work at

Razberry Photography © 2014

Here at geminijunemoon, we are uber-excited to welcome our first contributing collaborator, Rebecca-Emma Pink! I first met Pink (as I endearingly call her) in 2008 when I lived in New Orleans and I would travel to NYC to go paint the town red (or PINK!!!) with friends. Instantly, I could see that Pink has a soul made up of cosmic proportions and reflective sunshine and you just can't get enough of her. Once I moved to NYC, Pink and I would meet up after work and go for these always-refreshing long walks in Central Park and find secret hiding places to enjoy our vices. I always love how Pink is never scared to tackle the world head-on and it has been awesome watching her grow these past 6 years into an emerging DJ (Dollpartz and whiteowljaguar) on the NYC  and international electro-pop scene. She also keeps her finger on the pulse of NYC by working at one of the best underground music clubs in the NYC area, Verboten. She is the perfect fit for geminijunemoon, because Pink fearlessly embodies fashion + adventure in her own unique way. Look forward to reading all about Pink's creatively distinct monthly art installations at Verboten and her work behind the deck of some of the biggest and best parties in the world!  Pink will also be our resident Burning Man contributor!

We <3 Rebecca-Emma Pink (Dollpartz)

Follow her and listen to her sound at:




Much love,

June Ann

meet geminijunemoon

Hi everyone!  My name is June Ann D'Angelo and upon much reflection over the past month and my upcoming 31st birthday this year, I have decided to shake things up a bit.  I have spent so much time in front of and behind the camera doing everything from styling my own shoots and finding my light to developing an eye to pick great images and creating interesting concepts to shoot.  Currently, I am filming the third season of a modeling competition show, Local Ambition, and I have been lucky to make some amazing contacts and I have also been able to try my artistic modeling skills in the fashion world.  I have to say I am enamored and a transition into the fashion world only makes sense.  Through filming this show, I have been given the amazing opportunity to rebuild my own portfolio with a fashion emphasis and start writing a regular fashion blog for a site.  I have also recently been contacted about possibly creating a lookbook for a T-shirt company.  So, already there are some fun projects on the horizon with my new venture and I look forward to keeping you updated on them through this blog.

On this blog I also hope to bring you favorite must-haves from some of the freshest fashion houses and brands that I think are cool.  My personal style definitely falls to the bohemian gypsy side of the universe, but I also love to play with different styles, especially in the rock genre.  I also love to mix and match different materials and I have been known to rock some leather and latex.  

I will also add a dash of adventure to the blog as well.  I like to be on the go and out in the world, so I will make sure to post the funniest ramblings about my latest journeys, whether it by foot, bike, car, or boat!

Photographer: Mark Braun