JUNE'S MOON: Home Page and Interns

June's Moon is a weekly update of everything geminijunemoon from founder, June Ann D'Angelo.

Rad flower resident hair stylist, Claire Oliver Fuller, bought for founder, June Ann D'Angelo, after seeing first glimpse of images from our first editorial production, 'Alice on Acid'.

geminijunemoon is going crazy with exciting news this week! I just saw the first images from our first editorial campaign production titled 'Alice on Acid' and I am completely freaking out!  When I started this production company on a whim a couple weeks ago, I felt this could be the start of something great, but had no idea what I was getting myself into. The one thing I knew is that I wanted to create and produce interesting images with boundary-pushing talent located right here in St. Louis. Somehow the most brilliant creative team members literally fell out of the sky and landed straddled right on my lap and ready to give me the most amazing lap dance of my life...geminijunemoon! I definitely feel like the magic of our team translated through these images and I could not be more proud of everyone involved!  So many people worked on this amazing project and I can not wait to submit it for publication to see where it is placed, so that I can share it with you!  

Photographer: Tuck Chaylor                             Model: June Ann

Wardrobe: Victrola                    Stylist: Dwight Carter/June Ann

I also just updated our home page with images from our very own resident photographer, Tuck Chaylor. These were shot the night before our big editorial shoot with pink swimsuit bottoms and a printed kimono from Victrola, a St. Louis-based clothing line from designer Lauren Cram that was pulled by our resident wardrobe stylist, Dwight Carter. I decided to pair these items with a brown sheer Simone Perele bra and layer some different gold- and bronze-toned necklaces to top off the look. Minimal smudged make-up and natural hair was chosen to match Tuck's signature gritty style in a way that transformed these flirty feminine wardrobe choices into heroin-chic overdrive! To say the least...#obsessed!!! I can not contain my excitement to know that Tuck Chaylor is on the geminijunemoon team! I really think these first images explain exactly why Tuck was our choice...interesting, raw, skilled talent.

Today and throughout this week, I will be interviewing college kids for our first crop of interns. This really motivates me. It was not too long ago that I was in college and had dreams of becoming a budding scientist and latched on to any lab or professor that would talk with me and potentially guide me in the direction of my dreams. (Yep, I'm a scientist in my real life...and everything else in my dream life!) I really hope that through geminijunemoon, I can provide a unique learning opportunity for young people interested in the fashion world in any aspect. I am interviewing candidates from universities across the nation and I am already stunned by the resumes that are coming past my desk...Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Alabama, Florida State University...and we are even starting to get applications for our fall internship program as well! I can not wait to see the momentum gained by the addition of some next-generation fashion moguls! Stay tuned to see bios from our new crop of interns!