the geminijunemoon team would like to welcome Stacey Rios as our newest and first ambassador for our scientifically luxurious bath product, MOONmilk! some of you already know her, but for those of you who don't, she is one of the hardest working go-getters in the Lou. she also graces the homepage of our website with me in an image taken by our resident photographer, Steve Yancey! while she is relaxing in MOONmilk, she enjoys catching up on her social media, unwinding with a glass of wine and painting her nails her favorite shade of moon...BLACK! she can play any instrument and front a band like no other with vocal chops for days. on top of that, she's easy on the eyes and loves working with fresh photographers to capture fun moments. she's even stepped in front of my camera recently looking gorgeous with no makeup for some very Cher-like images. she's also one of my very best friends with a heart of gold. i would go to the geminijunemoon and back for this girl. go check her out on her social media (below) and get ready to see more of her on GEMINIJUNEMOON!


To the moon,
June Ann D'Angelo

if you are local or traveling to St. Louis and would like to become a MOONmilk.AMBASSADOR, please email us at moonmilk@geminijunemoon.com with 'AMBASSADOR' in the subject line. ambassadors receive a free bag of MOONmilk to try out and for social media posting along with a little photo shoot highlighting 3 of your favorite things to do in the bathtub (no water or nudity required). to the moon.