did you know that #Michigan senators last week passed a bill that put #oralsex and #analsex in the same #category as #beastiality so they could pass this absurd #bill and not violate the Lawrence vs Texas ruling that declared #sodomy bans #unconstitutional? i particularly love the 'destestable and abominable' language they use to describe such pleasureable acts (animals not included). i can understand that a guy might not want to deal with the land of fudge, but oral sex, too? do you really expect the Michigan voters to believe that you actually believe that oral sex is 'detestable and abominable'? i bet Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat had some good ole Michigan fun before this went into act.

'oh baby, let me suck that dick of yours...mmm...i bet you're so big', says the slut

'excuse me ma'am, i do not participate in such detestable and abominable acts such as those', says the Michigan senator

no worries, #Missouri...your senators allow you to have all the #buttsex, #fellatio and #cunnilingus that you want!!!

photographer: SDE Studios                                                        model: June Ann D'Angelo