#JUNEMOON: fuck censorship

by June Ann D'Angelo

all of my friends and all the king's horsemen all know that i have a huge issue with censorship. it was a huge battle for myself in my 20s until i decided to recently say 'fuck censorship' and own my truth and be exactly who i am. i always compartmentalized my gemini tendencies which can be quite polarizing. i had my whole science, business, professional self that would earn my income and then i would have this whole artistic, creative, sexual self that would feed my soul with the fire i needed to evolve. in my 20s i never could really show all of myself to most of the people in my life and there were only a few people around me that really accepted me and appreciated all sides of me. there were always people telling me to censor my art or censor my behavior. i am not the kind of woman to go and swing from the chandelier and be destructive and dramatic at events. how i choose to dress or express myself artistically should not interfere in others day to day activities unless those activities involve their own preoccupation with myself. so after a couple relationships failed because i was trying to quit my art for the guy (which is part of my true self, so that way never going to work), i decided that in order to truly be happy and find my own place in this world i must say FUCK CENSORSHIP...

have you ever struggled with censorship in your own life or have any comments on the topic? leave them below and we'll make sure they get #tothemoon

from 'Breaking Kismet'


Photographer: Tuck Chaylor

Creative Director/Model: June Ann D'Angelo

Makeup Artist: Mary Margaret

Hair Stylist: Kristen Parks

Writer: Jim Fitzmorris

Digital Designer: Keleka Mobley

Grips: Mallory Wesley, Keleka Mobley

Producer: geminijunemoon