#MOONBLAST.1: the 'i just got married 4.5 months ago' guy

by June Ann D'Angelo


the 'i just got married 4.5 months ago' guy

cheers to our new section, #moonblast, which we have added thanks to a random string of offers from philandering persons this past year. i think everyone that knows me, knows that i am definitely a 'to each their own'-type of person and do not really care if someone wants to disrupt the dynamic of the relationship society says we should have with a man and a woman and 2.3 kids with the goddamn white picket fence. i want this, but it's not for everyone...i'm starting to think it's not for most. 

i want to have the (a)typical marriage where i do greet my husband with a whiskey on the rocks when he gets home for work while i start making him an amazing dinner from scratch in sexy lingerie. but i want to conform to this norm, not because it's the norm, but because i like to live a lifestyle of submission and servitude, both domestically and sexually. one day when i get married, i want to feel like the world will end if my partner was not there. i want to have my partner in crime that i hold nothing back from.

most of all, i definitely would not go sending messages to people i haven't talked to in years to try to hook up with them after i got married 4.5 months ago...but this guy did... 

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