#MOONSTYLE: 420ed - comfy while ripped

by June Ann D'Angelo

what to wear on 4-20? always a debacle... one you might think much about if you obeyed all 4-20 rules and partook in the wake n' bake. today, seeing as how it is a bit chillier in the Lou from some fun rain yesterday and i'll be hitting up a party later tonight with some meetings in between, i decided to go uber casual while playing with some prints so i can try to maybe say i might be 'in fashion'. nah...who the fuck cares about that? it's all about having fun and being functional. so i threw on some free people harem pants and paired them with these obnoxiously-brilliant Joe Boxer wallpaper shoes with an old Roots sweatshirt that's completely ripped up at the sleeves... i don't know about you, but i will definitely be comfy and warm...and high!