#TOTHEMOON: BARE USA (If #Waldo was hot and had a vagina!)

by June Ann D'Angelo

today, we are sending the BARE USA project #tothemoon! Brian Cattelle set out last year to canvas the country and find amazing architectural gems that have been graced by man-made decay. for each state he visits, he finds that one brave model to dive into this beautifully grotesque playground (and play Waldo) left to us by the past to create amazing #nude art for the future (of your wall)! he has already completed 30 of the 50 states and has previewed his work in many galleries around the nation and even at Art Basel in Miami. the Missouri project is also featured in the current issue of the #1 art nude magazine in the world, VOLO (Issue #23). he is in the process of crowdfunding to finish the travel portion and start on the actual book publication. the kickstarter is almost half way funded, but he needs our help to see this through.

you can jump in on the ground floor and snag a signed, limited edition, high-quality print of your choice by donating to the kickstarter. at least take a look at the awesome project and play 'Where's Waldo' for a little bit...

kickstarter: click here 

VOLO: click here

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here is a preview of 2 of the images that are included for the state of Missouri with model (and geminijunemoon editor), June Ann D'Angelo. for those of you in St. Louis, can you guess the location?