MOON BEAUTY: Chemical Peels

by Kait Walker

The weather will soon be changing as we say "Goodbye Summer" and "Helloooo Fall"! As an aesthetician, this my favorite time of year and the perfect time to really focus on any skin concerns we’re having. This is when I recommend starting a series of chemical peels.

So, what is a chemical peel? Putting it simply, a chemical peel is a treatment using an acid solution to remove the damaged outer layers of skin. Peels help with a number of concerns; almost any, really! Giving you a beautiful, healthy glow. The most common concerns my clients have that I recommend peels for are hyperpigmented, acne prone, congested, aging or lackluster skin. Although, peels are great for nearly everyone!

There are different kinds of chem peels ranging from certain percentages of salicylic acid and glycolic acid, to customizable blended acids. (all of which will be chosen by your licensed skin care provider!) I have taken the steps to get certified in PCA skin chemical peels and so I recommend these when I can. I love PCA peels because there are extremely customizable with corrective serums ideal for each individual and their concerns and also offer amazing results. To see before and after pictures check out the PCAskin website! (