EVENT REVIEW: American Trash by Brainchild Events

Aside from founder, June Ann D'Angelo: I would just like to thank Dwight Carter for allowing us to spend the day with Brainchild Events and cover all the behind-the-scenes for American Trash. It was definitely a must-see show of the year!


Article by June Ann D'Angelo

Photos by Keleka Mobley

What: American Trash Runway Show by Brainchild Events

When: July 12, 2014

Where: 2720 (2720 Cherokee Street)


The eclectic space of 2720 on Cherokee Street was absolutely the perfect spot to welcome the Wasteland of Fashion that is American Trash. Designers Cindy Henry of Rebel Tart and AJ Thouvenot of Andy J Designs were tasked with creating looks from non-traditional materials (such as sponsor materials like Red Bull and PBR cans) and recycle threads.

As models arrived they were checked in and started finding their way into hair and makeup in the downstairs space at the venue.

Bethany Laska from Dominic Michael Salon led an amazing team of talented hairstylists that created looks for both Rebel Tart and Andy J.

“This look is based on a hair bow accessory, but made out of hair. First, we start off with crimping the hair. It goes along with the overall theme of the show which is throwback, 90s-americana.”  - Bethany Laska, Dominic Michael Salon

Jessica Sides showing us Bethany Laska's amazing hair bow creation

Other models rocked crimped pig-tails...

models L to R: Danielle Boker, Kara Friedman, Armanda Rahmoeller

...and voluminous up-dos...

models L to R: Tobi Markwort, Jeremiah Jackson, Lisa and Lauren

...and beer cans and cartoonish hair...

models L to R: Carley Nickel and June Ann D'Angelo

...and fun masculine looks from some more of the guys...

Devin, Nick, Cody, Bradley

...and amazing finale looks.

models L to R: Jessica Sikes (Andy J) and Kait Walker (Rebel Tart)

Here's some more behind the scenes snapshots of the models getting TRASH-y...

geminijunemoon founder, June Ann D'Angelo, had a blast getting ready to walk for AJ Thouvenot 

Next it was upstairs to the actual runway for rehearsal...

The energy started to lift as soon as some of the biggest names in St. Louis fashion started to fill the room...

First up, AJ Thouvenot sent models down the runway in his Andy J designs...

Next up was Rebel Tart by Cindy Henry...

Last up, host and Brainchild Events founder, Dwight Carter, introduced the designers with their amazing models that donned their finale trash looks including an up-cycled wedding dress from Andy J and an elaborate set of wings made from Red Bull cans from Rebel Tart!

L to R: Kait Walker, Cindy Henry (Rebel Tart), Dwight Carter, AJ Thouvenot (Andy J Designs), Jessica Sikes

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