BRAND REVIEW: The gypsy side of GYPSAN!!!

This is how Gypsan arrives at your door...

All of my friends know that I'm a huge Free People fan and a sucker for anything in the bohemian style genre.  I like for my energy to flow through my clothes!    So, I came across Gypsan on Facebook and I immediately loved the style.  Their stuff is exactly what they say..."bohemian and boho chic clothing for women".  Not only is Gypsan fashionable, but they are also very earth-friendly and more of their clothing is being manufactured in the United States so that they can closely observe to make sure human rights and environmental laws are being followed.  And then on top of that they give back 5% of purchases to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  They also have a campaign where Gypsan lovers can send in their photos to be used on the site!  That is one sexy package that this company has put together.  

Outerwear: Swept Away Kimono (Gypsan)

Top: distressed tank (DaydreamerLA)

Bottom:  Embroidered Denim Short (Gypsan

Speaking of packages...a Gypsan package is one you definitely want.  I was so excited to see the most adorable package when I went to the office to get it.  It's no surprise that this company would be thoughtful...they have gone above and beyond in their business plan, so why would they not go above and beyond for something as simple as packaging?  Bravo, Gypsan!!!  

When I went over to Gypsan and was looking for things to order, the first thing that caught my eye was the "Swept Away Kimono".  It was so gorgeous.  I loved the teal color that dominated the pattern and just knew it was the perfect outerwear piece for summer.  Yesterday, I decided to pair it with a Daydreamer LA top that I had bought at Urban Outfitters a few years ago.  And then for bottoms for that look, I had purchased the "Embroidered Denim Short" that are high waisted and super-distressed in all the right ways and have the most awesome subtle embroidered Aztec designs on the sides and back pocket.  And then of course, I throw on my go-to brown boots.  

Top: Sweater (Sol)

Bottom: Indira Skort (Gypsan)

I also purchased the "Indira Skort", which are super comfortable and flowy and I love the multi-colored paisley design.  Today I paired that with a Sol sweater that I got at a headshop here in St. Louis (Sunshine Daydream) and those go-to brown boots again.  

I also used that same "Swept Away Kimono" to style one of my looks for a photo shoot with Jerry Steele last night.  For that shot, I decided to pair the kimono with a bra and panty set from Simone Perele (favorite bra brand, by the way) and a pair of cream lace heels with an awesome wooden heel from Dolce Vita.  I absolutely loved the shot.  We used a fan to get some movement with the kimono and the photographer and I both agreed that this was THE SHOT!  

Outerwear: Swept Away Kimono (Gypsan)

Lingerie: Trocadero sheer bra and panty (Simone Perele)

Shoes:  Dolce Vita

Make sure to follow Gypsan on their social media that I have listed below.  Although their price point is already stellar (~$15-$80), they are constantly posting discount codes on their instagram account for 25% and the other day they even had a site wide 40% discount code!!!



Much love,

June Ann

Bottoms:  Embroidered Denim Shorts (Gypsan)