PHOTO SHOOT: J. Steele Photography

J. Steele Photography

So last night I had my third photo shoot in three days and this time I got to shoot for the first time with Jerry Steele.  I had definitely heard of him around the St. Louis model circuit as he had worked with local Playboy models, such as Kara Friedman, so I was really excited when my girlfriend Layla Linn had asked me if I wanted to crash her shoot!  I got to shoot in 5 different looks that were killer.  Jerry was super easy and fun to work with and he even uploads images automatically on an iPad as he shoots, so that you can review your work right there on the spot. Such a huge asset if you are a new model looking to build a portfolio.  You should definitely consider Jerry Steele!  I will put his social media information below so you can book a shoot with him!

As always when you shoot, one picture stands out from the rest and that is the image that I am sharing in this post.  It was the last look we shot and the last pose of this look as well and both Jerry and myself really loved this shot!  Hope you do too!



Much love,

June Ann