meet Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret with 'Alice on Acid' model June Ann D'Angelo after having her makeup completed.

Today I'd love to introduce you to a very special creative team member...Mary Margaret. When our team was coming together in just a short week, I was really scrambling to come up with a makeup artist. Then, I was referred to Mary Margaret. I sent her a message and from the first mention of geminijunemoon, she was on board. I thought I hit the makeup did I end up with a makeup artist that already had editorial experience in NYC??? It was definitely serendipitous. Her enthusiasm for our project has been nothing short of spectacular. She created an amazingly strong makeup look for Alice on Acid that definitely brought an extra needed edge to the images. She has also jumped head first into coming up with ideas for our second editorial. Make sure to check out her bio here and see all the cool and talented people she has worked with and if you are looking for a makeup artist feel free to check out her work and drop her a line at Welcome to geminijunemoon, Mary Margaret!