meet Claire Oliver Fuller

Claire Oliver Fuller with 'Alice on Acid' model June Ann D'Angelo after having her hair styled.

Today I get to introduce you to our first creative team member, Claire Oliver Fuller. This is one special lady. I have not known Claire for long at all, but the instant I met her, I knew I was meeting not only an uber-creative hair stylist, but also a life-long best friend. Claire was responsible for creating an amazing style for our 'Alice on Acid' shoot that perfectly matched the creative direction that was envisioned. Along with being technically brilliant and completely out of the box creatively, she is also one of the most self-motivated and driven women that I know. She has already taken on a huge task of recreating and updating Marie Antoinette hair looks for our second editorial campaign. Make sure to check out her bio and booking info here and go update your look by getting a fresh style created especially for you by the one and only Claire Oliver Fuller.