HAIR: Color Creation for 'Alice on Acid'

Aside from founder June Ann:  Hair Color and Ombre' Expert Kristen Parks was tasked with creating the hair color on model June Ann for the 'Alice on Acid' editorial shoot for geminijunemoon. Here is the process she went through to achieve that look.  

Top Left:  Hair Inspiration by Bonnie McKee     Bottom Left and Right:  Beginning Hair Color

by Kristen Parks

When it comes to fun hair, 'Alice on Acid' editorial model and geminijunemoon founder June Ann has pushed me further than any client I’ve ever had. And for this, I am incredibly greatful. I feel like I can absolutely dub myself a Vivids Expert and the Best Ombre in St. Louis because of this woman.

With that being said, our last project, and in my mind our best, we came across many challenges, made plenty of discoveries, and overcame those challenges. I am incredibly proud of my latest color on June Ann! We were inspired by Bonnie Mckee’s fiery, sherberty ombre. And over the course of about 8 months, we finally achieved the look!


When we decided to head towards this look, June Ann's canvas was a 3 Rv at the root, with a 5Rv, 10N, and Orange Vivids midshaft. This meant that there was absolutely no way this look was going to happen over night (literally, June Ann’s kept me at the salon all night before). We talked about the necessary steps I would need to take, as well as the products she needed to help keep her hair in great shape throughout the process.

I completely switched June Ann over to a Pravana colored canvas, which is the best decision I’ve ever made. The colors hold beautifully and keep her bright between her monthly visits. I sent her home with the Pravana Perfection Hair Masque and the Pureology Strength Cure Line. Both great for color, but also to fortify her hair and prepare it for what we had in store. I also have June Ann on a top secret washing schedule, which helps the color and health of her hair tremendously!

After Pravana artificial color remover

On our last visit we had several steps to reach our goal, but I was confident this was going to be the day! 

I started with one round of the Pravana Artificial Color Remover. With this product, I HIGHLY recommend following the directions from start to finish! It’s an absolutely amazing product, as long as it’s used correctly! Once dried, I could immediately tell I reached a level I could use lightener on successfully.

I sectioned June Ann’s hair into four sections to apply Redken’s Flash Lift with 20 volume. I applied the lightener liberally from midshaft to ends (she is a natural level 9 and does NOT need any lightening at the scalp). I watched her hair closely for the target level and to maintain integrity of the hair. After 20 minutes she was ready to be rinsed and dried completely for the next steps.

After lightener

Again, I sectioned June Ann’s hair into 4 sections. If your client has thick hair, definitely switch to 5 sections. I take ¼” subsections, apply Formula 1 and comb it down. I then feather Formula 2 down the strand about 3 inches. And when I say feather, I MEAN FEATHER. I followed that up with Formula 3, again super feather that stuff! I do all my feathering by hand and with a tint brush) I left the ends alone until after we rinsed. Here are the formulas I used and where:

Formula 1 Roots (half an inch) Pravana Chromasilk .3 oz 7 CR + .2 oz 7RBV + .75 oz 10 volume
Formula 2 Midshaft (about 3 inches) Pravana Vivids 4 oz Orange + .5 oz Red
Formula 3 Midshaft (about 2 inches directly below the above color) 2 oz of white conditioner + .5 oz of the above formula mixed in

The rinsing was probably the most stressful part of this whole process. Rinsing without bleeding, and working the arm mucles of June Ann. Make sure to have some help (if you’re not comfortable with asking your client) to hold the lightened ends up so they don’t absorb all the color being rinsed off and destroy all your hard work! I rinse all my Vivids work with as cool of water as my client can handle. Always warn the client of this! You don’t want to shock their brains out! And let the client tell you what they are comfortable with. Whats cold to you might be way too cold to them!

The gorgeous finish...

Next I dried June Ann's hair completely. I was stoked to see the outcome! It was beautiful and spot on. All that was left was the sherbert pink ends. With such fine, porous ends I find the color takes much better and lasts much longer to “burn in” the vivids. I mixed 1 oz of white conditioner with .1 oz Magenta Pravana Vivids, applied on the dry ends and let that sit for 5 minutes. I used a damp towel to wipe out the color and blow dried her ends again. I then used a 1.5 inch hot tools curling iron to seal the color on the ends in and set a perfect style for her beautiful new color!

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