meet geminijunemoon

Hi everyone!  My name is June Ann D'Angelo and upon much reflection over the past month and my upcoming 31st birthday this year, I have decided to shake things up a bit.  I have spent so much time in front of and behind the camera doing everything from styling my own shoots and finding my light to developing an eye to pick great images and creating interesting concepts to shoot.  Currently, I am filming the third season of a modeling competition show, Local Ambition, and I have been lucky to make some amazing contacts and I have also been able to try my artistic modeling skills in the fashion world.  I have to say I am enamored and a transition into the fashion world only makes sense.  Through filming this show, I have been given the amazing opportunity to rebuild my own portfolio with a fashion emphasis and start writing a regular fashion blog for a site.  I have also recently been contacted about possibly creating a lookbook for a T-shirt company.  So, already there are some fun projects on the horizon with my new venture and I look forward to keeping you updated on them through this blog.

On this blog I also hope to bring you favorite must-haves from some of the freshest fashion houses and brands that I think are cool.  My personal style definitely falls to the bohemian gypsy side of the universe, but I also love to play with different styles, especially in the rock genre.  I also love to mix and match different materials and I have been known to rock some leather and latex.  

I will also add a dash of adventure to the blog as well.  I like to be on the go and out in the world, so I will make sure to post the funniest ramblings about my latest journeys, whether it by foot, bike, car, or boat!

Photographer: Mark Braun