PORT +: Alice on Acid in PUMP Magazine

by June Ann D'Angelo

Lately, there has been much talk behind-the-scenes as to possibly branding our own editorial publication down the road. With that being said, we wanted to start styling and producing some of our own work. 'Alice on Acid' was, literally, what started it all. A failed photoshoot that left a bunch of creative individuals scratching their head and saying "we could definitely do this better" was all that was needed to ignite the fire that became geminijunemoon! We hope in the future to have others submit their work to us so that we can put it on the moon as well!

Publication Cover

This first geminijunemoon fashion editorial titled, 'Alice on Acid' and features founder, June Ann D'Angelo as model, was published in issue #14 of PUMP Magazine in October 2014. Our entire team at geminijunemoon worked so hard on this amazing production! You can purchase a copy of this issue by clicking here. We shot this editorial at locations around St. Louis and used wardrobe designs by Lauren Nicole Bander and accessories by Beltshazzar Jewels! Although PUMP only decided to use 4 of the images from this editorial in their issue, we will be releasing our full version of this editorial tomorrow on the November full moon (November 6), so make sure to check back and share it! Also make sure to head over to PUMP's facebook page here and give it a like!

Great job geminijunemoon team!!!