#STLFW: Well Dressed Midwest VIP Bloggers Lounge

by June Ann D'Angelo

This kickoff event at #STLFW for the Well Dressed Midwest group was definitely a big hit with the bloggers. Drinks flowed freely and delicious nibblets were constantly being replenished! It was also my first time to really get to meet more of my fellow bloggers and also make introductions with some new brands! Here's a few of the highlights!

As with all #STLFW events, the staff makes sure that you feel like royalty! You are always greeted and ushered to the main event!

First stop was the check-in table. 

For this event, I donned my brand new #bythepeople printed dress and green button down with a pair of Baker's boots and one of my favorite hats from one of my go-to spots in NYC (Earl's Beer and Cheese)!!!

For this event, I donned my brand new #bythepeople printed dress and green button down with a pair of Baker's boots and one of my favorite hats from one of my go-to spots in NYC (Earl's Beer and Cheese)!!!

After checking in, I headed over to get my goodie bag and Shine On shirt at the #STLFW table!

I made sure to grab an inaugural 'Well Dressed Midwest' shirt! I'm so excited to get involved with this organization and learn how to take my blogging to the next level!

I kinda fell in love with Meero Mani Nails! You can get sets in 2 different sizes and then they adhere to your nail by a little sticky tab. So, it is the perfect accessory to throw on with any outfit without committing to acrylics. I can't wait to use these when styling shoots!

Meero can make your nails in any shape or color. You can get them completely customized for a particular outfit or event! This pair was one of my favorites!

Next, I was enamored like a kindergartener with ADHD by these blingy little arm tattoos that everyone was getting...obviously I had to partake!

Turns out they are called Flash Tattoos and you can get them at Glik's!

The tattoos ranged in different shades of metallics...from golds to silvers...and the designs were super trendy...especially if you have a bohemian sense of style like myself! 

They even have designs that you can make into bracelets or a fun forehead piece!

I got this gold one that says 'J'aime La Vie'!

But then, I decided that tattoo was lonely...I needed another one! So, I got this big beautiful gold flower placed above it! Right now, I'm on day 6 for this tattoo and it just started to wear on day 4-5. If you don't scrub it off, it lasts for a good bit!

So, I obviously had to know where I could get more of these! They sell them at Glik's or you can get them online at www.gliks.com! They come in packs that contain 4 sheets and cost around $25-$35! Not bad for a temporary accessory!

After getting my Flash Tattoos, I headed over to the Glik's table! I was pretty astonished to find out that they were celebrating 117 years! That's crazy! 

Here is one of their advertisements from 1934 that they had on display! 

I kinda fell in love with some of these ponchos and sweaters! Perfect for layering in the winter!

Next, I headed over to our friend, Suzanne Ley's table and talked with Shannon Dougherty about the new winter collection! Here at the moon, we are constantly impressed by the inspiration, conception and construction of anything with a Suzanne Ley label!

The winter 2014 collection was inspired by the 3 co-owners trip to Seattle! This is... A COLLECTION!!! I'm always so impressed by the cohesion of each piece within any of the Suzanne Ley's collections and this one does not let you down. I even got to sneak a peek of their lookbook which features local St. Louis model, Ellie Holtman, that translates the Suzanne Ley brand perfectly!

I also had to go stop by the Notch station to see my girls Megan Gad and Kate Clark! These ladies just did hair and makeup for a runway show I was in and I fell in love with them and this salon. Definitely worth stopping by if you are tired of your old drab salon and want to go somewhere that is trendy but comfortable! Megan also gave me a sample of Prive' dry shampoo and I am in love! I think it is even better than the Kevin Murphy dry shampoo that I was using before!

While I was talking to the ladies from Notch, the chef at Scape decided to give us a little leftovers straight from the kitchen. He quickly plated up some delicious ratatouille on top of some creamed potatoes and dressed perfectly! It was absolutely yummy, just like all the other dishes we sampled!

After the event ended, a bunch of the bloggers headed over to Brennan's to enjoy some socializing over a few more drinks! It was so nice to finally get to talk at length with some of the bloggers that were constantly popping up in my news feeds on social media! Collaborations and friendships have definitely been sparked at this #STLFW!